The Wrong Lesbian

6 05 2009

I contacted the wrong lesbian.

Actually, it was her son who answered me. I’d been trying to reach one lesbian in particular, Winnie Adams, for a story, but she had an unpublished number. I had her address,  so I wrote a letter explaining what the story was about (a lesbian colony, of which a New York Times article said she was a part). From what I could gather, Winnie would have been somewhere in her 60’s.

The next day I received an e-mail from a man named Joe who said he was Winnie Adams’s son, and that his mother had been dead for nine years. He was, however, very interested to see the article I’d referenced. Poor guy. All these years you think you know someone, I imagined him thinking. He was probably looking up therapists just then.

I wrote him immediately to explain that there’d been a mixup, that there was, in fact, some other lesbian who shared his mother’s name. I apologized for the confusion, and hoped that the last 12 hours didn’t find him frantically trying to piece together things that seemed perfectly normal during his childhood, but make perfect sense in light of what he now knew about his mother.




2 responses

8 05 2009

Is there really any such thing as the *wrong* lesbian?

8 05 2009

I’ve never been so disappointed to find out that someone wasn’t gay (assuming) or alive.

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