The New Potted Plant

10 05 2009

Is it just me, or have school Mother’s Day gifts ratcheted way up? The kids struck gold with handmade gifts this year. Among the offerings:

IMG_0851Bath salts–bath salts!– infused with lavender.

A portrait of me. Roofie says he screwed up the eyebrows, but everything else, as far as he’s concerned, is spot on.

Plus, roses from Daddy Yankee, two snazzy necklaces made at school, a black-and-white laminated portrait of Juniper, all wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon.



Other  Mother’s Day treats:

  • Sleeping in until 10 a.m. Those of you who’ve seen me on too little sleep will appreciate just how munificent this is.
  • The kids  getting along swimmingly.
  • Having absolutely nowhere to be–no assignments, no birthday parties, no soccer games. Nowhere.
  • Oh, even the cat left something: a hairball on the living room floor.



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