Hundred Ones, Playa

13 05 2009

I’ve handled more rolled up dollar bills this morning than a cocktail waitress at Scores. This was during a two-hour shift working my kids’ elementary school book fair.

One little girl came in with an envelope full of coins that glistened. The librarian picked up the envelope by its edge with her thumb and index finger. “These are covered in potato chip grease,” she said after the girl left. “Bless her heart, I’m sure she’s saved it all up herself.”

A few kids picked out $30, $40, $50 worth of books, and handed over a blank check–a blank check!–to pay for it all. Only in the suburbs. I asked a few of them to just make out the check to me, in the sum of $10,000. None would.

The hot seller: Diary of  a Wimpy Kid. It’s clever and funny. The author, Jeff Kinney, recently was named a finalist for Time Magazine’s Time 100, a listing of the world’s most influential people. Hear an NPR story on Diary of  Wimpy Kid and author interview here. And then go read the series.




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