Separation Anxiety

15 05 2009

I keep looking down at my phone to see if Roofie has called. I’m waiting for him to call and say, “Mama, take me home.” He’s at his friend’s birthday party, and this one, as it turns out, is a slumber party.

This marks Roofie’s first night away from home, first night away from me since he was born seven years ago. I think I’m having more trouble with it than he is.

Any minute now he’ll call.

Actually right now he’s probably fake burping and shoveling fistfuls of Doritos into his mouth and checking out the other boys’ pajamas. He’d made sure before he left to inspect the ones I’d packed for him. “I want to make sure you didn’t pack me any embarrassing pajamas,” he said.

“Me?” I said. “I’d never do that to you.”

Any minute now.

He put his Guitar Hero Wii game in its case and slipped it into his backpack. He said the boys had decided they’d each bring a videogame. I suggested he pick another game. We are in the South and the game is rated “T” for teen. I wasn’t sure I wanted Roofie leading a singalong of “Talk Dirty to Me”. I told him some moms might not like their kids playing Guitar Hero, and pointed to the “T”. He thought about this for a second, and then he agreed to choose a game called MySims. I wonder if they’re playing now.

Any minute now he’ll call.




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