No One Gets Hurt

21 06 2009

Whatever this week has in store, it’s sure to be a bore  compared to last week. I mean, recording, editing, voicing versus RIDING AROUND WITH A REPO MAN? Honestly.

I met him at 9 on Friday morning at the Home Depot parking lot. I’d tried four other companies before his, and none would let me ride around or interview any repo men. Too risky, too many men died, don’t want to draw attention to the business, everyone knows who we are. Finally I found Cash.

I walked up to his Ford F350 truck and peered into the illegal tinted glass. Couldn’t see a thing. He rolled down the window. “Ready to ride?” he asked.  I said yes.

I was nervous. After all, I’d only talked with Cash once on the phone, and I had forgotten to ask his name then. So here was this 275-pound 6 foot 1 man who looks like he could’ve eaten a few small children for breakfast, watching Brudda Iz on a laptop in his truck inviting me to hop in.


So I did. And for two hours, we rode around looking for people’s cars to repossess. One was a 32-year-old single mother near the end of a pregnancy. The other was a man in construction, who had parked his truck in front of a girlfriend’s house (Cash found it and took it anyway).

It was, without exaggerating, the most adrenaline-filled day I’d had in a long time. When he pulled us back up to the Home Depot, I was crestfallen. It was almost an addictive high, sort of how you feel after being on the Space Shot. You want to ride again. And again.

Granted things probably would’ve felt different had we been confronted or, worse, shot at.

But in my car on the way home I found myself thinking, “This…THIS is why I love my job.”




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