Relax, relax, relax

3 07 2009

Deep breaths. I could use a yoga class right now, though not with an instructor who looks like a cross between Charlie Brown and Bill Clinton on three hours sleep. I’ve done that.

Had a busy workweek, and tomorrow we leave for Egypt. Exciting, amazing, Pyramids! Camels! Falafel vendors and taxi drivers who light up for each other in bumper-to-bumper traffic!

A little perspective on why this is all so stressful to me:

I haven’t packed until tonight. Last-minute packing on a two-week international trip? Oh no she didn’t.

Everywhere I go in Egypt, I see near-death experiences, or if not that,  DANGER. In a freak accident at the Pyramids, I fell off a galloping camel (who was supposed to be waiting patiently until our guide got Daddy Yankee and Roofie situated on their horse). I’m taking the white shirt I wore that day, but I’m afraid it’s a bad luck charm now, that shirt. Sort of like that tikki amulet Greg Brady found on the beach in Hawaii.

Another time, a truck barreling along a highway maybe 100 feet ahead of us lost one of its giant steel coils, and it came bounding towards our car. Had we been tailgating, it would have crushed us in an instant.

The kids rent bikes almost every year, and none of those is likely to have any working brakes. Don’t even mention a helmet, unless you want to be laughed at or sneered at, or both (Egyptians are fond of this combo).

I am afraid of flying.

I’m scared I’ll forget something essential like  sunscreen or the diffuser attachment on my hairdryer and be completely bummed that there are no CVS stores to run to.

Hope all goes well. See you on the other side.




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