If every day were a concert

10 07 2009
Azraq Samawy

Azraq Samawy

There are times, few as they are, that I find myself thinking, you know, Egypt could be a nice place to live. Take last night, for example. My friend Laila and I took the kids to see an open-air concert at the Bibliotheca Alexandria. It was out on the plaza, two bands I’d never heard of before. And it was the perfect summer concert–laid back, warm and breezy, intimate. The first band, Azraq Samawy (Sky Blue) played a sort of Arabic rock. “Asalamalaikum,” the lead vocalist said to the small crowd when they first came out.

“This doesn’t bode well,” Laila said.

The guy never took off his sunglasses, even when the sun  set. The overweight bassist with the heavy eyelids seemed to be chewing not a piece of gum, but an entire pack at once, through their set. Judging by his girth, we all assumed at first it must have been food, a meal cut short that he’d decided to finish on stage. They were all in t-shirts and jeans or khakis, and they rocked out.



The second band, Miraya, or Mirror, was a bigger operation–maybe seven band members. A few of them looked like they could be in middle school, Greg Hefley bodies and all. They played a sort of Egyptian/Nubian/Reggae/Rock fusion. At times I could hear a little Carlos Santana in the guitar riffs. There were bongo drums and a guy on oud. They sang harmonies that would put any boy band to shame, and they smiled and swayed to their own tunes. You don’t appreciate a smile until you’ve been in a country where a lot of people don’t do it anymore, at least not among strangers.

We’re planning to hit the next concert tonight. Alexandria has more in store than I thought.




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30 08 2009
Muhammad AbdolQader

Dear whoever and Lila

according to logic and non-disputed religeous Beleives SALAM means peace , if it is said and meant then Egypt will be a better Place ISA , not by disrespecting certain manners , which i belive could have Reasons Like , I really Forgot to take of My sunglasses or i really love to ware them when ever i play Music , the one you discribed with overweight Maybe ( and he is not ) got hurt when you said so , i belive egypt will be a better place with less people of your kind , and if what is above is your free Point of view , consider this as mine .

Thanks for your concearn


Muhammad AbdolQader ( The Vocalist )

31 08 2009
Mohamad Salama

i’m sorry, were you in a fashion show? i don’t believe that was the intention of the Bib when they started hosting musical concerts.
i’m sure you know plenty about music, which was the point of you attending that concert by the way, hence the name “concert”.
As surprised as u may seem now, yes it was a concert, and u failed to deliver your opinion and u just talked about how the bands looked, and said, nothing about the music.

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