Two Convos

22 07 2009

Oh so good to be back home. My bed, my shower, my car staying in lane, and not a single honk.

Now onto two brief conversations. The first one between Juniper and I:

J: So did you have a good today?

Me: Yeah.

J: What’d you do?

Me: I worked my butt off, that’s what I did.

J: So how is that good?

Me: It feels great to work.

Jenna: Would it feel great to work in a gas station?

The second, a phone conversation my sister and I just had.

S: You know, I’m starting to like that show of yours, “30 Rock”.

Me: Really? (surprised because my movie recommendations to her always fall flat)

S: Yeah, especially that Baldwin…what’s his name?

Me: Alec.

S: Right, right, Alec. He reminds me of me.

Me (brightening): Yeah that’s right, he is you.

S: Yes–controlling, uncaring.

Me: YES.

S: And that Tina Fey character is you.

Me: ___

S: You know, self-deprecating, self-conscious.

Me: ___




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