The Vortex

10 08 2009

I’m sitting here with butterflies in my stomach. You’d think I was the one starting middle school this year. I wonder how Juniper is doing. Is she walking tall? Is she smiling? Is she happy? Did she remember to hang that magnetic mirror I bought for her locker?

The woman speaking at the orientation didn’t do much to assuage, though I’m sure that was her intention. She said several times, “We will take care of your sixth-grade babies.” Babies. That’s right, though something in me didn’t completely believe her.  She went on to recount how terrified she was when she had to drop her child off at middle school for the first time. And then she said–get this–that after that day, a series of changes took place until her kid emerged from middle school, by then a totally different person.

She told us that at times we wouldn’t recognize our kids anymore, and that they wouldn’t want us around, and that they’ll think we’re the dumbest people on earth. Was this her idea of a pep talk? Did she run this by anyone before she decided to go with this?

The truth is, these are the things most frightening about Juniper going to middle school, because I know I complain about how she is joined at my hip and never stops talking or asking or hanging around. But the truth is, I enjoy her being here. I love her curiosity, I love making her laugh, I love that she enjoys my company, because I know it won’t last.

Good luck, Junes. Have a great year. Oh and Roofie, if you just get through the year without driving your teacher mad, I’ll be so proud.




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