As if You Didn’t Know: That’s so gay

12 05 2009

I interviewed a 17-year-old girl today who,  all her life, has identified more with boys. She liked their clothes more, and she discovered a little later, she liked girls, too.

She feels most comfortable in urban areas. The people there seem more open-minded, and they  glare at her less when she wears her “I Heart Girls” shirt. At the mall, mothers have actually pulled their children away from her so they wouldn’t read the shirt.

She’s at an artsy school where gay students get the same respect as everyone else. And for once, students aren’t quipping “That’s so gay,” at every little blunder or fashion faux pas. She says a typical high-schooler in the suburbs, gay or straight, might hear “that’s so gay” a dozen or more times a day. A Google search of “That’s so gay” turns up more than 72,000 results. But just because it’s a well-worn phrase, she says, doesn’t make it right.

Turns out there’s a whole ad campaign against using “That’s so gay”. It features ads like this one, from the Gay,  Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Who knew?